Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Collect highest points to win $500 and iPod Nano

This contest looks like one that I taken part before which I need to have the highest points to win. Now everyone has the chance to win $500 and an iPod Nano, you just need to put in your effort and work for it! This contest is held at Roseate Marketing Tips , this is the blog where you can find tips on making money online. Contest ends soon and everyone is busy collect points.

New Ipod Nano - Nine Amazing Colours

How to earn points?

- Post about this competition in your blog and link to it + the home page (5 points)

- Post about any other post in this Roseate Marketing Tips and link to it (5 points)

- Stumble, digg, reddit, technorati, etc.. ie; bookmark this post at any social bookmark site (3 points each site)

- Bookmark any other post at any socialbookmark site (3 points each site)

- Add Roseate Marketing Tips to your blogroll (4 points)

- Comment at any of Roseate posts (not spam!) (3 points)

Don't just read here, you need take action now if you want to win.

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